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Linocut, 2 colour, Variable Edition 12×19.5 cm (image).

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Linocut, 2 colour, Variable Edition    Image size:  12×20 cm (5×8 in).

All prints are sold matted, using acid free board, with backing, ready for framing.   The cost of matting is included in the price, but images can be purchased without matting, upon request.   Image size may vary by .5 cm (.25 in).

Every Print is original artwork, created from one or more blocks or plates and hand printed/pulled through the press.  Prints may be “Unique” (only one made) or part of a “Limited Edition” (series).  Each print in a Limited Edition is also ‘unique’ in that it is inked separately and pulled through the press individually, resulting in slight variations in tone and line. Variable Editions (VE) are prints made using the same block but may be printed with different colours, and often evolving as changes are introduced while the edition is being printed, depending on how it corresponds to my initial vision.  Reduction prints are made of many layers, printed one on top of another, starting with tips areas that lightest in colour.  A reduction print may take weeks to create and the results are always precarious, particularly in ensuring ‘registration’, the position of the plate with each printing to match exactly the previous image.  With each pass through the press, some parts of the plate are cut away, so that by the end of the edition there is often very little left. Once all prints in an Edition are sold, the block is destroyed so no further prints can be produced.